June, 2021



The partnership between VELDSKOEN and SORAI is a natural fit. SORAI, which stands for ‘Save Our Rhino Africa India’, are on a mission to save not only the rhino, but all endangered species from extinction. At VELDSKOEN, we pride ourselves on collaborating with companies and organisations who are shining a positive light on South Africa, through business and CSI initiatives.

"This collaboration with VELDSKOEN felt right from the start. Their local link to South Africa and ethos aligned perfectly with SORAI and all that we stand for - making a positive impact in the world, providing a voice for the voiceless and conserving that which is endangered. We are incredibly proud and excited to be joining forces with them on this project.."
-Kevin Pietersen, SORAI Founder

"The SORAI VELDSKOEN project is close to our hearts. We are very much aligned with the conservation of endangered wildlife, and we love partnering with local organisations and shining a light on South Africans who are impacting the world positively."


The SORAI VELDSKOEN shoe is a handmade, luxury nubuck shoe, fully leather lined with TPR soles; a fitting addition to the sustainably made SORAI clothing range. Profits made on the SORAI VELDSKOEN will be donated to the Kariega Foundation’s ‘Walk With Us’ campaign to maintain their active and effective Anti-Poaching Unit (APU).


The Kariega Foundation’s main source of funding for their APU, a levy paid by Kariega Game Reserve safari guests, has ceased to exist due to the international travel restrictions currently in place because of COVID-19. Every pair of SORAI VELDSKOEN purchased, contributes to the protection of rhino at Kariega.

"We are delighted and so grateful that SORAI and VELDSKOEN have chosen to walk with us in protecting the rhino. Conservation is a team sport and we will only succeed if more and more people, organisations, and brands choose to work together to achieve a common vision. In this case - saving a species."

-Lindy Sutherland ,Director Kariega Foundation


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Written by Veldskoen Shoes