You know what sucks about regular leather shoes? They have no soul! They all come in one basic colour. One colour fits all is not a mantra we live by. What fun is it to wear the same shoe as everyone else? We’ll answer that for you: NO FUN AT ALL! You are unique; you are fun, you are serious, you are many things but boring you are NOT. Some days you feel like jumping in puddles, and other days you want to show your boss you mean business. Why then do your shoes come in one vanilla flavour? You know how they say you are what you wear…. Brighten your sole, and you will realise a small change goes a long way.



Velskoen have yet again taken an iconic shoe and reinvented the Chelsea boot. Unlike the original take on the Chelsea boot, Veldskoen have included a signature pop of colour to symbolise our rainbow nation. The variety of colours brings the boot to life and allows for versatility and incorporates an element of fun and adventure. Paint the town red, or blue, or green, the options are endless.
It doesn't stop there; the Veldskoen Chelsea boots are treated further to become hydrophobic. The hydrophobic treatment results in the boot becoming resistant to water, be rest assured knowing no occasion can dampen your Chelsea boots! way.

Heritage Kids


The South African born legend itself, VELDSKOEN®, has decided to go BIGGER by going SMALLER – and catering for our little ones. There is no better way to pave the way towards a better future than having the privilege of making shoes for our future leaders, YouTubers, lawyers, and CEOs.

Veldskoen has created a series of kiddies shoes celebrating well-known African
wildlife! The same colourful soles you fell in love with when you saw our grown up
shoes, are now made in children’s sizes 9 to 2.

Each design focuses on a special and unique animal character! What's even more fun is you can purchase a stunning detachable animal tag to hang off the
multicoloured laces. This gives wearers the option to swop out, and change up, the look of their favourite pair of shoes with their friends